HTTP Header Authentication + Logout

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When using header authentication in Graylog, logouts are not possible. The page merely reloads and the user is logged back in.

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I’ve noticed the user merely gets directed to /. There is no specific logout url. I can see there is a DELETE call to /api/system/sessions/X.
Since I’m using nginx, I’ve added a section into my reverse proxy configuration that adds some javascript using ngx_http_sub_module which performs a proper logoff. This works, but is a bit of a hack.

Environmental information

Graylog 4.1.6

Operating system information


I am curious if anybody else has solved this issue or found a workaround for it? Including a configuration option linked to trusted headers like logout_redirect_url (which would redirect the user to a logout page after clicking logout) would be useful.

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I haven’t used Trusted Header Authentication yet.
Graylog 4.2 has better option now for SSO. This would be the enterprise feature but if you keep you logs under 5 GB a day its free. You can find more about it here


Hope that helps

Great, I did not know that, thanks!

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