How Trusted header authentication works in graylog

How Trusted header authentication works in graylog

I am using NGINX and proxy auth service (oauth2-proxy) for authorization.
After authentication i am able to pass user email as header to graylog URL and also setting Trusted Header inside graylog to use same header.

I am still seeing login screen on graylog…

Am i missing some thing.

Hello @sinha4ravi

Are you referring to something like this?

Yes … I am following similar approach.
It works when i create user manually and for next time it picks up from Header.

Is there a way , where it automatically suppose to create internal user. when ever it see new user in header


During my research I haven’t found a way for it to create a internal user automatically.
The only other way I know of is if you have Graylog connected to LDAP or AD, it will create a new user. My apologies I have used Trusted Header Authentication yet.

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