How to install the Correlation Engine

Please help me to find an answer to the easy question “How to install the Correlation Engine”

I have installed Graylog 3.1.4 from a docker-compose file and image (graylog/graylog:3.1.4) using documentation
Also, I have installed enterprise plugin 3.1.4 and I have imported enterprise license (Status: Graylog Plugin Enterprise is installed)

But after a stop/start docker-compose, I still can’t see the Events tab.
In the documentation, I have found nothing about the installation of a correlation engine.
Please help to understand what is wrong?

he @o.nekriach

if you see the Enterprise Plugins installed in System > Nodes > NODENAME in the installed Plugins area like:

The configuration is done. To use the correlations you select Alerts > Event Definitions and Create new Event definition. On the second step you can select the correlation:

Based on that selection you can now configure the correlation.

Hi @jan,
I have seen the “Even correlation” option in place as you have mentioned.
Thank you.

But I have seen Events tab in UI on official website screenshots and I don’t have it in my Graylog instance, is it ok?

Alerts menu now includes Alerts & Events, so there is no separater Events menu anymore… Screenshot is probably from older or devel version…

Hi @shoothub
I see, everything is clear for me now!

Many thanks to you and @jan for help

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