How to define custom field on Event Definition

Dear all:
I want to define custom fields on Event Definition like below show
But when I got the alert & event , it didn’t show any custome fields.
I already test , just two custom fields can be use.
(1) {source.user} (2) {source.srcip}

others fields I define with {source.XXXX} can't be use. I already check my streams , it has fields inside . But I still can't use {source.}…
Can someone show me how to add custom field ?
P.S. My Graylog server version is the latest version 3.3 …

Check my previous post in the past:

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Thanks for your reply…
Good job…
But I think , could you provide the pictures to show your solution?
The pictures provide more powerful effect to teach us how to setup the alert mail.


you might want to check the alerting by example part in the docs:

Thanks for your reply.
I already tried and follow this sop ,but can’t fix my problem.
This sample is the general sample to setup the alert mail…etc.
But I want to suggest official provide more example with pictures show more customized mail alert step by step…

I real real like graplog server be my company’s log server.
So I need more introduction of graylog server with pictures to finish basic function…


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