How to build entire Graylog application on Jenkins

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Hi Team,

I have a Jenkins setup on ubuntu 16.04.
I want to build entire Graylog application using Jenkins,

i was using graylog-project-cli to clone repos
how can this be implemented in Jenkins ??

can any one please provide some config on this


(Jochen) #2

It should be pretty much straight forwards:

  • Clone the git repository
  • Run the build instructions from the README file

Is there a specific step which you have issues with?

(Manjunath) #3

i’m using graylog-project-cli to clone the repos like this

graylog-project-cli bootstrap '<git hub repo for graylog-project>'  

this clones all the required repo with folder structure


now for building we will use mvn inside graylog-project folder

how to replicate all the above steps in Jenkins

ideally jenkins should clone all the repos (plugins ) what i specify and create folder structure and then start building using mvn

can this be done ??

hope you got my point

many thanks

(Jochen) #4

Yes, and as I said, it should be straight forward. Jenkins supports cloning git repositories and executing arbitrary commands in its build jobs.

With which step do you have your issues?

(Manjunath) #5

im trying to create a new project

which type of project i should create is it freestyle/pipelie/… ??

under GitHub project section what configuration i should make so that it clones in graylog-project and graylog-project-repo folder structure

im totally new to Jenkins let me know how can i proceed

Many thanks

(Jochen) #6

You have to use a “Freestyle” project in order to be able to run arbitrary build steps.

Maybe you better check out the Jenkins CI mailing list at!forum/jenkinsci-users or their chat at

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