How to build Graylog project and version management

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HI ,
i used to clone all the repos using

it creates two folders graylog-project and graylog-project-repos (repos will have server and plugins )

i fired below commands in graylog-project folder to get tar file

mvn compile
mvn install -DskipTests=true -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true -B -V
mvn -B -Dmaven.test.skip=true assembly:single

is this the proper way i’m doing to build the project

or can i just build server (excluding plugin ) and build plugin later and add in plugin folder

how do i change the version of the server and if i change the version of the server where all the places i need to change ??

i’m totally confused please help


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Hi @graylogDev,

If you look at the Development section of the README for my QuickValuesPlus plugin, you can see I do it a little differently as I don’t build the server. I use the hot-reloading (npm start) for working on the GUI part and I also compile the plugin (mvn package) and upload the jar file to the VM for the GL release I am targeting in order to test the java part of the plugin.

Here is how I build my plugin if it helps you out.

A couple things to remember. Change the GL pom file to the version of GL you are targeting.


        <!-- Plugins will not be deployed by default - set to `false` if you actually want to deploy it -->


Also, the plugins that have a GUI component require the graylog-web-plugin which you can get by cloning the GL repo. Again download the branch of GL that you need to target.

git clone -b "2.3.2"

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Thanks for the replay !!

i have no problem in development environment UI parts works fine

once i build the plugin using mvn package and copy the .jar file to /plugin folder and restart graylog logs says plugin loaded but UI part wont come up

below is the pom property’s my graylog server is at 2.3.1


please help me to solve this

i just don’t understand why is will not work i can share more details if needed

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