How to assign dashboard to a user which is from LDAP

I have used LDAP for authentication
But I don’t know how to assign a particular dashboard to user which is coming from LDAP

Please guide me with correct steps

I know how to assign a user if we create it from users and roles section
But don’t know if user is taken from AD.

What version of GL are you using?

I am using Graylog 4 version

Go to your Dashboard tab Click on the Shared button.

Choose you user.

Add role.

click “Add collaborator” button.

click save

hope that helps



I really apperciate it if you post your question under this topic. Not only will it help you, but others that have the same problem/s. like this. Thank you :slight_smile:

As for this question

If your Graylog server is already setup with Active Directory, the user can log in and it will create a UUID for that user. Just like windows OS does for a new user logging in to a device. That user needs to login. If that user is not in “Active Directory Users and Computers” you can create that user manually and set permission. Take a look at this please.

Hope that helps

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