Graylog Rules and Pipeline not working

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Hi guys, i tried creating fields with the result of a rule.

What the rule does is to check a lookup table containing a list of known ransomware addresses and populates a field:

rule "check_for_ransomware_address"
**when **
let hack_command_lookup1 = lookup_value(“Ransomware Addresses”,$message.DstAddr,“None”);
let hack_command_lookup3 = lookup_value(“Ransomware Addresses”,$message.src_ip,“None”);

let testout = lookup_value(“Ransomware Addresses”,$message.DstAddr);
let testin = lookup_value(“Ransomware Addresses”,$message.src_ip);

set_field(“RansomwareOutgoing”, hack_command_lookup1);
set_field(“RansomwareIncoming”, hack_command_lookup3);

set_field(“RMWareOut”, testout);
set_field(“RMWareIn”, testin);


The fields “RansomwareOutgoing” and “RansomwareIncoming” work perfectly as their content is either the known malicious IP address or “None”. But the fields “RMWareOut” and “RMWareIn” dont work.

  1. Is it because i didnt put a “None” in the declaration statement?

Because all i want is a field that contains only the known malicious address (if any) and not "None"

Please how do i go about it? Thanks

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