Graylog Retention Strategy Not working

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I am running Graylog version : 2.2.3

My current config is set to rotate the active write index each day, this works as intended.

My current config is set to delete old indices, with a maximum number of 2 indices. However there are now 18 indices, and old ones aren’t being deleted. I have tried restarting GL and rotating and recalculating the indices.



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What’s the exact configuration of your index set(s)?
What’s in the logs of your Graylog and Elasticsearch nodes?

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Ok, so I resolved the issue.

Firstly my Elasticsearch cluster health was red. So I resolved this by following the guide in this link:

Once I resolved this issue I went back to look at the retention strategy issues, but to my surprise the other indices were gone and there were only two as I expected.



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