Graylog Randomly Stops Processing

For some reason our Graylog server will just randomly stop processing messages. Nothing will be going out and the Output buffer will slowly start to fill. Then, for no apparent reason, it will start processing again and all is good with the world.

I have absolutely no idea how to troubleshoot this. What do I need to look at or post here to get help in figuring out what is happening?

Version: 4.2.5+59802bf, codename Noir
JVM: PID 1876, Red Hat, Inc. 1.8.0_312 on Linux 4.18.0-348.7.1.el8_5.x86_64

You could start by looking in the logs on the Graylog server and even post up what you find (making sure you use forum post tools like </> to make it formatted nicely) Here is a good post about asking questions that also includes diagnostic commands at the end of it. it may help with giving more information for you (and the forum) go on.

Fist guess knowing very little about what you have set up is that there is some issue with processing a message, maybe a mal-formed GROK - there are plenty of posts to search for on that in the forum (including some from me)

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