Graylog Pipelines options missing



I’ve recently deployed graylog on OpenSuSE using RPM packages from this community repo. Problem I’m running into is I need to use “Pipelines” but I do not see any options within Graylog Web GUI for piplines. Under System->Configuration->Message Processors", all I see is “Message Filter Chaing”

What am I missing?

Not sure if it’s relevant, but I am running graylog over SSL.

Thank you for all your help

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your installation looks like the default plugins are stripped off - why you did not use the .rpm provided by Graylog?


thanks for the reply. I don’t think Graylog offers RPM packages for openSuSE.


installing graylog from official repo did not resolve it Finally it worked when I I specify absolute path to plugins directory in the .conf file.

Thanks for your help

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