Graylog on Raspberry Pi (arm64) Redux + GLE image

Hi all,

Every couple of months, someone asks about running Graylog on a Raspberry Pi. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s finally possible to do that in a somewhat more native approach.

We now publish and arm64 image of both Graylog and Graylog Enterprise, so no more faffing around trying to build an image that will run on Raspberry Pi–you can use docker pull graylog/graylog:4.1-arm64 or docker pull graylog/graylog-enterprise:4.1-arm64 to run Graylog on a Raspberry Pi or other arm64 platform.

One other note, for all of you who’ve gone through the rigmarole of mounting the Enterprise plugins into your Docker containers so you can take advantage of Enterprise, I’ll point to the our Graylog Enterprise image–this will save you a lot of time and headache when it comes to deploying Enterprise.

That said, give the arm image a spin! We’d love feedback over on our Docker repo.




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