Can’t install Graylog on Raspberry Pi 4B

Hello , i already installed a graylog on :

  • Centos7 ( virtualisation)
  • Ubuntu ( virtualisation)
    Everything was fast and easy to install.

Right now, I have to use graylog on a raspberry pi 4B to receive and analyse some logs.
I tried to install it on my raspberry on : ubuntu 20.04 server lts (64 bits), centos7 userland and the raspbian lite buster.
The installation of the last mongodb-org and elasticsearch packages looks Like ok , but when i try to install the graylog server , it’s saying that there is no arm package available. Can someone tell me the steps from the begining to the end to install it ? Thank you very much !

Hi there, simply put–we don’t publish any ARM packages. I’d suggest raising a feature request on GitHub - Graylog2/graylog2-server: Free and open source log management to let our developers and product team know that you’d like to see ARM packages published.

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Thank you aaron for your answer, but i saw in the web that someone ( 4 months ago ) said that he installed graylog on his rpi4 , i don’t know how ahah

How much time do you think developpers will need to give arm package ? Cause now with the new rpi you will see a lot of people asking for that !

Thank you!

There is no graylog packages for arm, try to use manual install procedure and install graylog using tgz:

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