Graylog on arm64 problem


Need some help here, was able to install GL4.0.8 on Debian10 arm64 (in this moment as a test is running on my esx for arm cluster but the final goal is to have it running on a rpi4 8gb) following the manual install guide but now that it is running and when i try to create an input it is marked as “not running” and when i try to start it manually i get the following error message “Input ‘Syslog UDP 1514’ could not be started Request to start input ‘Syslog UDP 1514’ failed. Check your Graylog logs for more information.”

Any help will be welcome to fix this issue and finally have GL running on rpi4.

As graylog web UI suggested, please check you log and post any errors in it.

Thanks but I found the problem, just a mistake on the server.conf file, fixed it and now is running. Next step will be to test it on a real rpi4

I’m glad to say that GL is working on a RPI4 8gb with a Geekworm X857 board and a 256gb drive on Raspbian 64 bits from 21/5/27.

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