Input fails in UI but shows running in cli

Input shows running in logs but GUI shows “Request to start input failed” and it is not working.

Input[Syslog UDP…] is now RUNNING
Input[Syslog UDP…] is now STARTING

log]# netstat -uldn | grep 1514
udp 0 0*

how is your input configured? Did you have other inputs? How are they configured?

What process is listening on the Port?

Hi Jan,

I am trying to set up a simple syslog input. This is our only input. We are not using the OVA. Initially, we received the permissions error for th elow port number. I then followed your docs and changed the iptables routing so outside its 514 and inside its 1514. lsof -i :1514 shows nothing.


-bash-4.2$ lsof -i :1514

  • allow_override_date:

  • bind_address:

  • expand_structured_data:

  • force_rdns:

  • override_source:

  • port:

  • recv_buffer_size:

  • store_full_message:


  • how did you install Graylog?
  • what error did you see in the Graylog server.log when you click the “start input” button?

Via RPM onto OEL 7. This is from graylog.log. It doesn’t look like it pertains. Should I be looking somewhere else?

    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( [?:1.8.0_171]
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ [?:1.8.0_171]
    at [?:1.8.0_171]

TheUI shows Input could not be started. Request to start input failed.

those lines you paste are parts of a multiline stack trace. The beginning is a date and if the next date appears the one message ends.

With the given Information I’m not able to help

I agree, however this is what it was showing during the time start input was clicked on.

2018-08-15 10:42:57,428 INFO : org.graylog2.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap - Services started, startup times in ms: {InputSetupService [RUNNING]=15, JournalReader [RUNNING]=21, OutputSetupService [RUNNING]=79, BufferSynchronizerService [RUNNING]=94, ConfigurationEtagService [RUNNING]=109, StreamCacheService [RUNNING]=197, KafkaJournal [RUNNING]=217, PeriodicalsService [RUNNING]=623, LookupTableService [RUNNING]=688, JerseyService [RUNNING]=24718}
2018-08-15 10:42:57,448 INFO : org.graylog2.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap - Graylog server up and running.
2018-08-15 10:42:57,458 INFO : org.graylog2.shared.initializers.InputSetupService - Triggering launching persisted inputs, node transitioned from Uninitialized [LB:DEAD] to Running [LB:ALIVE]
2018-08-15 10:44:32,340 INFO : org.graylog2.inputs.InputStateListener - Input [Syslog UDP/5b743c4f7317ec62f90ae40d] is now RUNNING

Let me know if there is something specific you want me to look for.

after this line their will be something giving you the idea why it is failing:

2018-08-15 10:44:32,340 INFO : org.graylog2.inputs.InputStateListener - Input [Syslog UDP/5b743c4f7317ec62f90ae40d] is now RUNNING

As you did not provide the complete log you need to look at yourself.

A colleague discovered the issue. Thanks for your replies.

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