Graylog multiple outputs (Delimited File Output Plugin)

I am using Graylog, and I am creating one output for 1 stream (I have two streams in total).
But there seems only one output that can work at a time. Each time I initialize the second output, the first one stops working. I am using the delimited file output plug-in (, is that causing the problem or something else?..

Hej @Luna

you should get in contact with the creator of that plugin and create the issue at github so he is able to answer that and other benefit from your question.

with kind regards


I wrote my own plugin some months ago. I faced the very same issue and I managed to solve it… Give a look to my plugin and if you have some question just let me. know.

Thanks I will try and let you know how it works!

Hi Scampuza,

I tried your plug-in and it did solve the problem I had before. But there’s a problem: that you plug-in basically forward raw data from Graylog, and you cannot choose specific fields to include in the forward data. And also, it cannot write to different files. Is there any chance that you are continuing working on improving this plug-in in the future ?


Hi @Luna

Of course ! I’m glad you are using the plugin. Of course there are a lot of improvements that I can made to the plugin. I just did it like that to fill a need inside my company.

If you want to write to several files, you can create several instances of the Plugin, each one for file.

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