Graylog output to (local) FIFO?


I’d like to make an output that forwards the messages (preferable in generic syslog format) to a pipe (fifo) , but haven’t found much information about that either via searching the web or readthedocs.

I would imagine that the STDOUT output plugin could work for this, but there isn’t much to configure from the WebGUI (nor any documentation on readthedocs, or I haven’t manage to found it), and I’m unsure of what format of the output would be?
So, how could I accomplish this?

The reason is to have simple external programs to read from the fifo(s) and trigger on/do stuff then they see specific messages/field information.

Ok, I found this plugin, which almost does what I wanted

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Hi @frpet1, I developed that plugin. If you need any help with that, let me know

Hey, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

Actually yes.
It would be nice if it optionally could write to a named pipe instead of a regular file (for external “log-parsing” programs to monitor). We do that trick today, just not in graylog.
I’m not a Java programmer, so I tried to change this myself (using but it wasn’t just an one-liner so I gave up…

I’d also like to be able to get the date & timestamps (could also be optionally), and not just the “message” part.


I added the ideas as issues on your github page

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