GrayLog Global Input


I’m new to Graylog.

I’ve installed Graylog on EC2 instance, able to access on public_ip:9000.

so I’m trying to get log information from windows machines (these are completely another network)

I have created Global Input on Graylog and I’ve installed NXlog on windows Machine, but connection didn’t establish.


NXlog Confi:

Module om_udp
Host Graylog public IP
Port 12201
OutputType GELF

Can anyone please guide me on this!

Thanks in Advance

he @Chandram

as you have the bind address set to, I assume that this is the internal IP of your Graylog server?

I would recommend to use so any interface at first, to be sure you can actually reach the Graylog input.

In addition the Graylog server.log will give you some guidance to see why the input is not started.

@jan - Thank your for the response.

I have tried with local IP, Public IP and
All were failed.

from logs 2020-07-27T17:29:09.268-04:00 INFO [InputStateListener] Input [GELF UDP/5f1f47225301c3137b17fb70] is now FAILED

following the line @Chandram should reveal why it fails …

Global Input is started, but Nxlog and Graylog are not communicating, any idea?

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