Unable to collect logs using Public IP

Hi Team,

I am a new user of Graylog server.

I have my Graylog server on Amazon environment.
I can collect the logs from client/server to Graylog server using the internal IP address with GELF UDP.
my clients are using nxlog to send the logs to Graylog server.

But when I try to use the Public IP address of the Graylog server in the client and try to get the logs unable to get them from the client/servers.

Please provide the complete configuration of all components and details about your network setup.

My Setup is on AWS with VPC.
I had set up gray log server in VPC
and I had a windows client on Default (not is VPC) network,
I had allowed Security Groups to allow incoming and outgoing network for port 12201.
still unable to get the logs from the servers.

I’m sorry but that’s not sufficient information.

Please provide the complete configuration of Graylog and the clients as well as the complete logs of your Graylog node(s).

How exactly did you install Graylog on AWS?

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