Graylog Github Oauth integration

Is there a way to integrate Github for user authentication?

Wait, hang on, what?..

You want to authenticate your users for Graylog against Github? Github, the online Git repository service, at! Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question.

Thanks for your response, @Totally_Not_A_Robot. Perhaps let me reframe my question, I meant using Github OAuth for Graylog.

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Do you have a link? My friend doesn’t recognise this module. @macko003

Does anyone have information on how to use GitHub to authenticate into Graylog?

as long as nobody writes a plugin - that is not possible.

If your Graylog is behind a HTTP(s) proxy like Nginx, you could use with

I tried that route, but when applying SSO plugin settings I get an error:

Just noticed the error was fixed in the version 2.5.1.

@markkutikkanen add this to your config file trusted_proxies =, ::1/128

It’s there by default and the error was an another issue.

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