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I want to ask about feature that graylog can provide it for creating logs for my website which is deployed in wildfly 10 and databse oracle?

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You’ll have to send the logs of your applications to Graylog somehow, e. g. by using one of the many GELF appenders on the Graylog Marketplace:

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so graylog need wildfly logs to generate its log

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Graylog doesn’t need the WildFly logs, but if you want to analyze and store them with Graylog, you need to send them to Graylog first.

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what do you mean with no need to wildfly log ?
as i understood, graylog may generate log for every action which user can do after they login in to my website which deployed in wildfly 10

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If you want to process and index your application logs with Graylog, you need to send these logs to Graylog. It’s that simple.

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Hey @M.Wadod,

I guess you did not understand the purpose of Graylog correctly.

Graylog is a system that enables you to store, structure, analyse and visualise data your systems and applications send to it. Graylog itself will not generate any logs except it’s own application log.

So if you want to use Graylog in combination with your website, you would need to implement one of the many logging libraries (e.g. GELF4J, node.js GELF, …) that sends logs with user actions to your Graylog installation.

If you got any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Greetings - Phil

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thanks so much Phil :slight_smile:

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