Source application log sending authentication

Dear Community,

I am new to Graylog system and I am trying hard to understand and configurable.
I want to create Graylog input to receive log message from source application.
Next, I do need to explicit user credential for the application trying to send to Graylog system.
Noted that I am using Java Spring boot application with log4j.

Can you tell me how I can archive it and which Graylog input type should I created ?
Thank you

Hello @NouPhanith

I would look at having log4j output to a file, then utilise Sidecar/Filebeat to send the logs to beats input listening on your Graylog cluster.

Hi @Wine_Merchant ,

I really appreciate your suggestion.
I am planning to host Graylog as centralized logging and connect from various applications. To utilize Filebeat I think we need to mount each log file into it.
Anyway, I may consider this if my current config is not much better than Filebeat.

Correct, you would need Filebeat to be running somewhere and the log file available to that instance.

In your case perhaps this would be helpful, utilising GELF would be beneficial.

Good luck with it all.

Hi @Wine_Merchant,

Thank you so much for the reference.
Good Luck !

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