Graylog API for frontend

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I am able to run graylog server and also able to read logs from other servers from sidecar/filebeat.
I have a frontend application which need to send log to graylog server or elastic search. Any recommended way to handle this. Do we have any REST API which i can call in my frontend application to send log. i am quite new to graylog .

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  • Package Version: graylog 4.1

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Hello && Welcome

I would really like to help but your question is kind of open-ended. With the lack of information about you environment it hard to give a direct answer to your question. For example:

With a better understanding how you set up your graylog server or the way you ingesting logs would help. I could simple say use Graylog Sidecar.

Perhaps that will help.

Thanks for response . I think i got the solution. Due to my application is frontend one , which did not generate log files. So i can use below GELF approach to send logs directly to graylog as a Service or ajax call .

curl -X POST -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -d ‘{ “version”: “1.1”, “host”: “”, “short_message”: “A short message”, “level”: 5, “_some_info”: “foo” }’ ‘

Oh nice, and thanks for post your resolution. Please mark it a solved so it can help others for future searches.

Good Job :+1:

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