Graylog Sidecar and static windows server .log files

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Hello I am trying to use GrayLog to parse and view logfiles from my Windows 2012 server.

I am unable to configure or alter the windows server, but I am able to export the log files and want to examine them.

I have configured my instance of GrayLog (2.0.3) on a VM (Ubuntu 16.04), running elasticsearch (2.3.1).

I have my log file in a folder inside my Ubuntu, and have my GrayLog Interface in showing in FireFox, and am trying to figure out how to connect the two. Trouble is, some documentation and the terms are outside my understanding and I am confused.

Question 1: Can I actually do this? (or am I very confused).
Question 2: Do I need Sidecar? I have attempted to install Sidecar but am unsure if it is correctly done.


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If I had not asked this, I never would have found this answer.

So, I started over. Downloaded the OVA device, and ran it. Before, I had tried to setup the stack in a stand alone VM (very much a newbie here)

Then, I found this thread which helped a lot.

Thanks for the information people share here.


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