Graylog Development

Hi All,

Please guide me how to capture my incoming requests to graylog in .NET


Explain exactly what you want to do.

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Hi @bahram Thanks for your reply. I need to use Graylog for logging purpose. Administrative part we have some idea. But Technically i need help on the integration to store the data in .Net.
Kindly help me.

The Graylog is designed for exactly that purpose!
What data do you want to store? (Log , Flow Traffic, …)
I still don’t know exactly what you want to do

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I want to store my application log i.e., Incoming request and outgoing response.


I think you haven’t read the Graylog documents yet.!

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Hi I read the document already… i required the coding part to store my log using the Inputs .

Can you help me on the coding part using .NET C#.

Here are my queries on the same,

Which inputs are good to use. UDP / TCP / HTTP.?
Do i need to form GELF type messages?
please share any sample .net coding .

Okay, sorry
I thought you were going to send the application logs to the graylog …

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HI @bahram Can you able to assist me on the inputs and coding…

he @velmurugan

you might want to be a little more verbose.

Do you want to implement for example GELF Logging to Graylog in your .NET C# programm? Is that where you need help? If yes - you might want to explain what exactly you do not understand how to implement.

If I get you wrong, please explain in other words.


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Hi @jan Thank you for your advice and reply.

Yes i need to implement GELF logging to graylog in .NET C#.

For that first of all I want to know which INPUTS like GELF TCP / GELF UDP / GELF HTTP / RAW PLAINTEXT etc., is the best to write logs. Since our log may contain large data more than 2 mb.

Secondly want to know how to use the Inputs to write the log in C#…for eg., GELF UDP is it simply like a UDP post?

Can you help me by sharing any sample .NET C# CODES to write the logs.

Thank you.

No, Sorry velmurugan
I’m completely unfamiliar with the windows and .NET them

The input type depends on your requirements.

How you implement that in .NET C# might reveal the Marketplace:

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