Using Graylog from log4net in NetCore

I wnat to use Graylog from log4net in a NetCore project. It works fine with Net Framework but does not register log entries from .NEtCore (No errors, warnings or notifications)

Also I try to send some information from Postman and always got “Could not get any response”

Any hint for solve this problem…


Could you please elaborate what you want to do, what you have done and what the problems are you are facing?

I have the same loggin strategy for two apps, one with .NEt Framework and other with .NEtCore.
With .Net Frameworls works fine but with .NEt Core nothing is sent to GrayLog.
Is there any way to send an http entry to GrayLog ?


Which GELF logging appender are you using?
What’s the configuration of the GELF logging appender?

I am using NLog with NLog.Targets.GraylogHttp(

Try creating a bug report at

I already did :slight_smile:

Then why don’t you link the existing issue here?

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