Graylog Enterprise Report Generation Not Working

I’m currently on a Graylog Enterprise Trial and I’m trying to use the reporting feature. When I select “Download report now”, it takes me to a new webpage with the following error:

{“type”:“ApiError”,“message”:“The driver executable does not exist: /usr/share/graylog/bin/”}. The reports are email scheduled and also aren’t sending. The audit logs say the generation of the reports is successful.

I’m accessing the Linux virtual machine hosting the Graylog instance from my windows machine. We have Graylog 4.2.3 installed and the relevant Graylog Enterprise Plugins installed.

We have set up Graylog using Docker and have the plugin, data and bin directories all in one place. I think this is the right place as the plugins all work. They are also correctly referenced in the config file. In the bin directory I only have chromedriver. I don’t know how to get or headless_shell into the directory.

Any help with any parts of this issue would be greatly appreciated. I am new to Graylog and the community page documentation, I apologise if I have left out valuable information.

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Even thou these are different version of Graylog in the posts below, they do have some idea/s to resolve your issue

Hope that helps

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