Graylog collector sidecar not fetching conf

Hi all,
i’ve just downloaded and installed ova version, upgraded it to the very last version, I followed this guide to install and configure a collector-sidecar but i can’t have it working. I followed step by step the guide has been provided here but
I can’t select a tag to add to my configuration, and if i write it and save it, I can’t find it marked in the url
http://myserverip/system/collectors/configurations. the column tags is empty for all my collectors. What can i do to diagnostic annd resolve this issue?
best regards

Ok I figured out by myself how to correctly set tags, now the error is
Status: At least one backend with errors
in winlogbeat log
ERR failed to initialize logstash plugin as output: can not convert ‘object’ into ‘string’ accessing 'output.logstash.hosts.0
how can I solve it?

sorry guys, now it’s working, my bad…

you might want to write down what the error in your setup was and how did you fixed it - that would be awesome as others might benefit from that.


sorry Jan you are right,
The first error was because of I didn’t click to add tags but only wrote a name and then click on update tags button on the side… that’s also why i couldn’t find tags list after refreshing page.
when you add a new tag you have to click on the same frame where you write it to make the system accept the new one.
the second error was because of a mistyping in the server IP address in configuration phase, I added one too many ’ more than requested

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