Collector-sidecar configuration first

(Adam) #1

I try configure collector-sidecar on linux and create tag “log” and in greylog that collector connect but I didn`t have any data in dashboard. In file I try copy file from messages system file.

(Jan Doberstein) #2

please read the step-by-step guide in the docs again.

You are missing the step to assign the configuration a tag.

(Adam) #3

Sorry I do that and I have :

(Adam) #4

And I didn`t have any data.

(Jan Doberstein) #5

Sorry I do that and I have

according to you screenshot earlier it looks like not.

Did you have created a Input that receive your logs?

You need to create a Beats Input.

(Adam) #6

I only add tag like in your sceen and then see status like the last screen. Input I create as in screen with “/var/log/log.log”,

(Jan Doberstein) #7

He @sata11

you need to create a Input in Graylog where the Collector can send the logs too.

Go to System > Inputs in the Graylog UI and create a Beats input.

(Adam) #8

What port I select in input (where in client I define port)??

(Jan Doberstein) #9

Please, read the documentation - think a few minutes about your question and only if that does not give you the solution post that question.

The Output that is configured for the Collector (beats_output) in your case is what needs to be a valid Input in Graylog (the above described created Input in the Graylog UI on the Input page)

(Adam) #10

I think is work. I have mistake in input. I have to change greylog server adress from localhost. Why define double input, one in input in collector and one in greylog server

(Jan Doberstein) #11

you define one input for the collector - the file you want to be pushed to graylog - and one input on graylog where graylog is listening to receive messages.

(system) #12

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