Graylog Sidecar Failing with Winlogbeat


I am currently setting up my first installation of Graylog. I setup Graylog-collector-sidecar on a windows machine as most of the machines I will need to monitor are windows machines. I installed and started the service and when I click the executable on the windows machine I get the following:

I tried listening on port 5044 and on port 9000. I believe I configured the tags correctly. I put WSUS in the tags in the yml file and on the web browser portion of graylog I updated the tags for the configuration with both “windows” and “wsus” but I also get a similar message in the web browser when I look at the collectors.

I am getting “Status: No configuration found for configured tags!” under the sidecar info and under Backends I am getting “Winlogbeat: unable to start collector after 3 tries, giving up!”

So it looks like the machines are communicating but something is wrong with the tags.

I am running graylog version 2.4.6 and sidecar version 0.1.6.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am happy to supply any additional information for troubleshooting.

so is the server_url in the sidecar configuration the rest_listen_uri of your Graylog? (what you use to connect with your browser to Graylog with /api attached to it.

In addition check the step-by-step guide:

with a special eye on the following image:

Yes the server_url is the same as the rest_listen_uri of my Graylog. I was not doing the tags correctly so I fixed that, but I am still getting the same messages. Do I need to refresh somewhere?

I am also getting the following warning: image

Thanks so much for your help

the second error you show might because your elasticsearch is not reachable - just as an idea.

Does elasticsearch need to be installed on all the machines I wish to monitor or does the winlogbeat handle this and then communicate with the elastic search I have installed on the graylog machine?

Here is my elasticsearch yml:

It looks like a lot of settings mentioned in the graylog documentation are not even here to be configured.

Did you read ? Just to be sure that you got a complete picture.

Elasticsearch holds all data so it should be running only on the nodes you want to have your data stored. Winlogbeat is a software that runs on windows, reads the windows event log and push that via the beats protocoll (in this setup) to a beats input on Graylog. Graylog then processes the messages and save it to elasticsearch.

So we just should check your Graylog components and setup first before fixing any other.

  • How did you install Graylog and all components?
  • did you have them running on the same server?
  • do all three run? (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Graylog) without issues?

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