Graylog 5.0 changelog items missing

This is a review of my 4.3.13 → 5.0.5 graylog upgrade:

I have read the changelog here: Changelog,
but some important things are missing:

  • Package now bundles JRE (“don’t forget to edit /etc/default/graylog” !), so its huger.
  • Package “graylog-integrations-plugins” is merged into “graylog-server”. (“You must purge it”')
  • “Stream Rule Processor” was split away from “Message Filter Chain” (THANK YOU :heart_eyes:)
    – This caused “AWS Instance Name Lookup” and “GeoIP Resolver” to reactivate by itself ! (“check it”!)
  • New skin, huge loss in contrast, no way to restore? (“If your eyes are bad, you’ll see nothing”!)