Graylog 4.X and Elasticsearch higher 7.10

Hi community,

Elastic 7.10 ist EOL in May 2022. Is there any possibility to go higher 7.10 in any Graylog Version? If not we MUST shut down graylog cause of internal EOL regulations!

Thanks a lot!

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They Graylog guys are working on an opensearch alternative that should come out soon (No date give to us) The issue with Elasticsearch is tied mainly to their change in licensing.


You can look here also.

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Oh dear. Is there any information on how they plan us to migrate our data to this OpenSearch thing?

No further information…I suspect we should see something public about it in the next two months… at least an announcement… but don’t quote me on that, I don’t work at Graylog… :smiley:

I hope they will still support ES, because as a user we are not impacted by the license change.

Graylog company impacted is because they provide SAAS solution based on ES, exactly as Amazon was doing.

I don’t want to migrate my cluster full of data…

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