Graylog 4.3 to 5 : JDK upgrade 8 to 17

Dear All,
we are planning the upgrade from 4.3 (Ubuntu 20.04) to 5.0 . Currently ElasticSearch is in 7.10.2 version, MongoDB is in 5.0 version. So, how we can upgrade Java to version 17 ? thanks

Hey @marcob

Install Java-17 on Ubuntu-20.04.

  1. apt install openjdk-17-jdk openjdk-17-jre
  2. java -version
  3. sudo update-alternatives --config java

Thanks I did it. But now Graylog-Server service doesn’t star for some parameters not supported. Can we share me the graylog-server.conf and jvm.options for the 5.0 version?

post the log what is the reason it failing - what OS you using

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