Graylog 4.0 can't add Slack notification


I’m trying to use the new Slack notification official support, but I can’t find it in the notification type, here is the screenshot:

I also attached the logs from a fresh restart of Graylog. I have no additional plugins installed. This is an upgraded installation.

thanks, Diego

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Please close it as I noticed that I haven’t the integrations plugin installed.


@dmayan - where to download the plugin for 4.0 ?

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Based on the documentation, there should be no plugin needed for Slack notifications to work in 4.0. But i don’t see the option there either. It would be great if somebody from Graylog could give us a clue.

Update: So everything works fine on my ubuntu graylog v4.0.1+6a0cc0b, but i don’t see the Slack notification type on my os x graylog (also v4.0.1+6a0cc0b), which was installed through tgz, so maybe it’s something missing there.

Hmmmm :thinking: in my lab (Ubuntu 20.04 running enterprise Graylog) the notification type is there:

If you’re running opensource, you’ll need graylog-integrations-plugins installed along with the main OS package. You can find the tar’d up files for the integrations here: (cc @ankit9). Given you’re running osx, you’ll need to drop the jar in a place where Graylog can load it. Here’s where it gets dropped in CentOS:

# rpm -ql graylog-integrations-plugins-3.3.8-1.noarch

However, since you’re on osx, are you using Docker, or are you just trying to use the tarballs to run Graylog?


Thank you, i put the jar in /usr/local/graylog/plugin/ on my osx installation and it works fine. Yes, i was using tarballs.
It would be great if you could include this information in the documentation at

Thank you!

Sure thing! Can you open an issue on the docs to have this content added, please?

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