Getting data in for demo

Hello everyone,

I have downloaded the latest OVA appliance to do a quick demo of Graylog before diving into the details. I’ve been looking around for an easy way of just getting a log file uploaded so I can make some basic views for a dashboard. My question is how do I get Graylog to either read a logfile from my host machine or do I have to transfer a logfile to the VM and then configure logstash to read it?

  1. First update your real timezone in VM in file /etc/graylog/server/server.conf, parameter
    root_timezone, otherwise your timestamp will be incorrect and you won’t probably see any received message. Than server graylog daemon: sudo systemctl restart graylog.service
  2. Simplest way is to setup syslog input and forward your logs from devices.
  3. Check great documentation, play with graylog to check all possible functions:

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