Graylog Timestamps

I am new to Graylog so I do apologize in advance if I am missing something obvious.
I installed Graylog version 3.3.4-1 from an OVA file on a ESXi host, everything is working fine except the timestamps and I cant figure out how to correctly configure it. I am sending logs from a Mikrotik that is NTP synchronized to the same server as everything else but they are all coming as UTC so is harder to troubleshoot. Here is the current time configuration that I am using, I am in PST…
Physical server:
Timezone: PST8PDT
Current time: 3:54 pm
NTP synchronized
ESXi host:
Timezone: UTC(using 7.0 so this cannot be changed)
Current time: 22:54 UTC
NTP synchronized
Graylog server:
Timezone: UTC
Current time: 22:54 UTC
NTP synchronized

Timezone: PST
Current time: 3:54 PST
NTP synchronized

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.

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