From standalone to three-node graylog setup


We moved from a standalone to three node cluster, replica set for mongo, unicast discovery for elasticsearch, is_master true/false for graylog. However after having all this setup, mongo and elastic start, but cannot get the web interface, would be running only on the primary, to load at all. No listener, just this message across the nodes:

It looks like you are trying to access MongoDB over HTTP on the native driver port

from /var/log/graylog/server/current. Then nothing happens. Am I missing some configuration?Any points what to suspect during troubleshooting? Thanks in advance.

How did you install Graylog?
What’s the configuration of all Graylog nodes?

In which situation do you get this error message?

Thanks, jochen

I guess this was premature cry for help, I started the graylog-server java daemon manually from the cmdline and saw that the replica name was typed wrongly for the mongodb_uri, on the stdout. Onced fixed, everything started.

I really do not know why this did not show up in the server logs, maybe waiting for a long timeout…Thanks, agian:)

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