Free Graylog Operations, what happens if we exceed the 2 GB limit?

We are starting up to evaluate/use Graylog and have the Open version running right now.
Our log volumes right now is just below/around 2 GB, which seems to be a critical limit for using the free version of Graylog Operations (previously Enterprise). The limit is 2 GB now and not the 5 GB mentioned in many places here in forums etc?

What happens if we exceed the limit for some single day with higher load? Is it true that if you happens to go beyond the limit, all Open-functionality still works but the “Enterprise/Operational” features are disabled (for that day or for your whole installation “forever”)?

Previous topics on the subject seems to be old and referring to 5 GB instead of 2 GB. And doesn’t give any real answer either on the real issue what actually happens. It would be nice to use the full version for both evaluation and daily use but if we run into issues when some days would tip us over the limit…

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It states on the Web UI under Enterprise/Licenses.

Daily traffic limit: 2.0GiB (allowed violations per 30 days: 5)
Requires remote checks: Yes (allowed consecutive check failures: 72)
License expiration warning: 30 days before

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Hey, @sture.eklund,
Thanks for posting, if you’d like to get more information about our product options and get your questions answered, shoot me an email at .

I can connect with you our SDR team, who will answer your questions and let you know what options might be best for you. There’s no obligation involved. The SDR team is great at answering the types of questions you posted and have a history of helping users make the best choices for their Graylog needs.

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Thanks, a pleasure being here :slight_smile:

Using Graylog Open for the moment, the Enterprise/Licenses option doesn’t seem to be available. But with these answers, we have the necessary info to decide wether to upgrade to Enterprise or not. For the time being at least, the future always means more data and more demands of different types :slight_smile:

Hi David,
Thanks for the info. Not necesssary at the moment but it might very well be of interest further ahead :slight_smile:

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NP. thanks again for your question, @sture.eklund