Limitations of the free version of Graylog

Good afternoon, everyone. Could someone inform me if there is any limitation on receiving logs in the open-source version of Graylog? Is it possible for my server to stop receiving logs due to any such restriction? I’m implementing this solution, but I saw a comment about this, and it got me worried.

1. Describe your incident:
It’s just a question about limitations in the open-source version.

2. Describe your environment:

  • Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS:

  • Package Version:
    Graylog 4.3

3. How can the community help?
Answering if this limitation exists and what it would be.

Hey @regrocsi

There is no limitations on receiving logs using the free version ( open), if you have a free license I think its 2GB day.

Thank you for interacting and responding to the question. However, I got confused by your response, as it has a double meaning. You stated that there is no limitation in the open-source version, and then you mentioned that if I’m using the open-source version, you believe the limitation is 2GB per day.

I came across a post that makes sense, stating that in the open-source version, there is no inherent limitation. The limitation may occur when I activate plugins from the enterprise version of Graylog. If I do not activate these plugins, there is no limitation. However, if I activate the enterprise plugins and do not perform the activation, the limitation is set to 5GB per day.

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Hey @regrocsi

can you post a link where you found that statement.

Here: Limit of graylog OpenSource 5.0 - #3 by jgutie45

Hey @regrocsi

That is kind of , sorta correct.

There is no limitations on receiving logs using the free version ( open).

That is correct , its 2 GB, for a better understanding and reference look here

if you have the enterprise-plugins activated and no licence, Graylog will deactivate the enterprise-features but still let you ingest logs as usual.

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You are correct in your observation. Thank you for your interaction. With the interactions in this post, we already have valuable information for future research here regarding the limitations of Graylog.

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