Failing:Collector configuration file is not valid,waiting for the next update

Centos7 system,graylog、elasticsearch、mongod、sidecar、filebeat all installed and running good.

I want to send /var/log/*.log these local log file with filebeat to localhost:5044

If I create a collection configuration and just add a name ,don’t change anything else。

then ,sidecar-administration-shows——running【status is green】,graylog didn’t get any logs。

But If I change the configuration:hosts:[“localhost:5044”]

then sidecar-administration-shows——red ! Failing -collector configuration file is not valid,waiting for the next update (all I have done is change that host ip address)

and there is a strange thing—— I had to move four cursor to right or i can’t input string

s in the right place——the cursor’s location is not where i see it!

it is really hard to read in the way you have written.

But with your provided information we all can only guess what your problem might be. You did not includ the configuration, you did not include any logs.

where go wrong? how to “includ configuration”?

I do it step by step , followed the official decription.

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