Error when i try to modify the retention strategies


I have a problem when i try to modify the retention strategies of Graylog.
Indeed, when i go to System > Indices and try to edit the Default Index Set or create a new Index Set, i have this error :
« Could not retrieve retention strategies
Fetching retention strategies failed: Error: cannot GET http://…:12900/system/indices/rotation/strategies (404) »

I am using Graylog v2.3.0-1.alpha.1 and have just one nodes.

When i check my retention configuration on mongodb :

db.cluster_config.find({“type”: “”}).pretty()
"_id" : ObjectId(“57adcb252e642bced5d63586”),
“type” : “”,
“payload” : {
“rotation_strategy” : “org.graylog2.indexer.rotation.strategies.MessageCountRotationStrategy”,
“retention_strategy” : “org.graylog2.indexer.retention.strategies.DeletionRetentionStrategy”
“last_updated” : “2016-08-12T13:12:05.243Z”,
“last_updated_by” : “cc5c359c-a5ad-476f-b1f1-31e4de730246”

Do you have any idea for why i can’t edit my default retention strategy ?

Thanks for help,

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hej @jcharlescz

please pst this as Bug Report over at Github. This alpha is not made for production, this is made for testing and sending feedback to the developers.


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This has been fixed in Graylog 2.3.0-alpha.2:


Thanks you for your help jan & jochen.

@jochen : I have download the latest deb of graylog but my graylog stay at the 2.3.0-1.alpha.1 version. Do you have any idea why ?

(Jochen) #5

Maybe some caching proxy between the package server and your systems? contains the correct packages.


Perfect, now it works i can edit my retention strategies!

Thanks !!

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