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I was not able to download my archived index

To let you all to have a better understanding on my set up:
For my indices I have set the following configuration:
Title : New_Test_Index
Select rotation strategy: Index Time
Rotation period: P1D
Select retention strategy: Delete Index
Max number of indices : 10

So currently it is currently writing on new_test_index_12
I have also archived to disk for my my index.

So when I try to do a restored, it shown me a error.

Not sure because i set the Select retention strategy to delete after 10 count. Or also I have unzip the file, so graylog is unable to read it.

Welcome to the group.
For us to help, you need to provide as much information as possible. In particular:

  • what is the error message?
  • what exactly are you trying to achieve? I don’t know what you mean by “not able to download my archived index”

Hey sorry for the confusion.

However, I have found the issue already. After I zip the file, I able to restore back.


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