Error Install Fortigate Content Packs Marketplace

Hi All,

I have an issue with Fortigate content packs that i found on marketplace.
marketpalce by juiceman84 , alias454 and JIEYUSHIE not working on my environment.
Error : " Could not install content pack with ID: 98217359-480c-4f72-a576-e762f61c26a8 "
Graylog OVA file 3.1.3-1 on VM Ware 5.5 with fortigate V5.0

Hi @aris,

Just taken a look at the content packs for Fortinet…

All three of those content packs on the market place appear to be the same and are all very old (~2 years)

None of those content packs are compatible with a Graylog 3.x system. From looking at the marketplace pages, they appear to be for Graylog 1.3

You can’t directly use this old content pack in newest graylog, because graylog 3.0 change format of content pack json.

But you can still import at least extractor rules, in System - Inputs - Manage Extractors - Actions (top right on the screen) - Import extractors

Try to copy extractors definition from line 17 to 1413, and in the first line add { and last line change from ], to ],}. This way you can import extractor rules.

If you want also dashboard, you should do this manually, start with line 1418 in json:

And create widgets manualy one by one.

If you manage it, don’t forget to share with community.

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