How to install content pack fortinet graylog 2.1 on graylog 3


I would like to know , ho to run content pack fortinet plugins on graylog 2.1 to graylog 3 ?


it is not possible to install an old content pack (created with Graylog prior to Version 3) on Graylog 3 Systems because how they work changed.

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How to modify a content pack fortinet working on graylog 2.1 to work on graylog 3 ?

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you have multiple options.

connect with the creator and ask if he is able to update this, read the json what is configured and make this changes to the setup manually. As last option, create a Graylog 2.x Setup, import the content pack and perform an upgrade on that system to 3.0 and export the content again.

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