Failure to import custom Content packs

Hello to whom it may concern,

I am in charge up upgrading our current install of graylog 2.5 to 3.1. I have the new server up and running ,and graylog is functional, but I am failing to import our custom configuration to our new install.
I get the following error: Installing content pack failed with status: Error cannot POST http://[IP Address:9000]/api/system/content_packs/71e8e80d-a69b.

I know the database works because I made some changes individually, and they saved without a problem. I was also able to install the default content packs without any issue.

Any ideas?

Dear @ZakZCO

contents packs are fundamental reworked in Graylog 3.0 what makes content packs from 2.x not usable with 3.x . That was not an easy decision but we needed to make that to be able to support all added functions in Graylog plus to add the ability of versioned Content Packs and many more options (see the release notes).

The only option you have. Create a VM with Graylog 2.5, import the content pack. Upgrade that VM to 3.1 and create the content pack fresh to be able to import that in your production setup.

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