Cannot Install Content Packs

Dear Sean,

I have download the 2 latest content packs for fortigate firewall
1 ) graylog-fortigate-syslog (GitHub - seanthegeek/graylog-fortigate-syslog: A Graylog Content Pack of dashboards for FortiGate syslog data) version 1.6.4-rev24

  1. graylog-fortigate-syslog-pipeline (GitHub - seanthegeek/graylog-fortigate-syslog-pipeline: Converts FortiGate syslog fields to the correct data type and removes unnecessary fields)
    version [1.0.4-rev6]

Before I had installed the the graylog-fortigate-syslog but was unable to get data so I did a delet and now when i try to install it it gives me error

rg.graylog2.contentpacks.exceptions.ContentPackException: Stream with title does not exist!
at org.graylog2.contentpacks.facades.StreamReferenceFacade.findExisting( ~[graylog.jar:?]
at org.graylog2.contentpacks.facades.StreamReferenceFacade.findExisting( ~[graylog.jar:?]
at org.graylog2.contentpacks.ContentPackService.installContentPack( ~[graylog.jar:?]

the messages from Server.log
my graylog version is 5.2.4
also not able to install the syslog pipeline pack

Appreciate your advice and help



Hello @ben

When looking at the content pack after importing, can you see any issues under “Constraints”? Image below for reference.

Dear Wine_Merchant :slight_smile:
Apprecite your quick reply
by the way sent you 2 snapshot of the FG graylog content pack
There is no error under fulfilled
Kindly have a look

Thanks and Regards


I just try now again to install go this error message

Installing content pack failed with status: FetchError: There was an error fetching a resource:
Internal Server Error. Additional information: Failed to install content pack <85f976d9-4d2d-45f9-922d-25d2d9c11f87/25>.
Could not install content pack with ID: 85f976d9-4d2d-45f9-922d-25d2d9c11f87

Thanks and Regards