Error 400 getting Journal Information in Graylog 3.2.2

Hi there,

I updated from Graylog 3.0 to Graylog 3.2.2. When I access the Node details page a red error window pops up.

Could not get journal information
Getting journal information on node [some UUID] failed: Error cannnot GET https://..... (400)

What I do: “System / Nodes” -> “Nodes” -> press “Details” for one of the nodes -> Node Detail Page

Please advise.

I just noticed: Statistics for “Buffers” are also not filled

One more thing: In the Nodes Overview page there are statistics for the journal and for message processing.

Also the API Browser works fine.

Your error message is known issue in version 3.2.2. Please upgrade to newer version, it was fixed in 3.2.3.

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OK, thanks for this information. I updated to 3.3.4 and now it is working.

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