Elastic creates new (not specified in Graylog) indices

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Sometimes, at random, I see 5 new indices in elasticsearch that are not specified or created by me in Graylog.
They are called: action, pages, portal, struts2-blank, struts2-rest-showcase.
Those indices do not contain any documents at all so I guess I could just delete them but I’d like to know why are they created. I can’t find any info regarding those 5 specific indices in Elastic or Graylog documentation. Also, it is the second time they pop up in last 3 weeks.

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Heyo @Zerobot,

these seem like example indices. Is your Elasticsearch hardened in any way to restrict access to it from unauthorized people? E.g. via basic auth, firewall rules, detached from other networks, etc.

These are definetly not indices created by Graylog.


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Yeah they are protected quite well. I guess there must be something in my config that creates those indices. Maybe some long forgotten CURL is trolling me.

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I can only find this for the relation between Elasticsearch and Apache Struts:

This actually states that there is no connection between ES and Struts :smiley:


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