Snapshot of graylog indices not seen

Hello, excuse my English.

I have exported a snapshot from elasticsearch 7 to another graylog 4.0. Since graylog 4.0, doing a curl on elastic if I see the exported indices, but not from the graylog web panel.

What am I doing wrong?

Graylog literally doesn’t care what indices are in Elasticsearch and honestly, has no way of knowing what indices are in Elasticsearch unless you’ve created an index set in Graylog that references the indices. Have you created an index set in the other Graylog cluster? If not, try that.

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Good! I have copied an index from elastic 6.8 to graylog 4 (with elastic 7).

How can I reference an index created in graylog to its elastic?


Just chiming in, Have you seen this?

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Hello and thanks for the answers!

I have restored the snapshot and created the index manually and graylog reads the index without problems, indicating that there is 1 index, 10,541,968 documents, 6.4GiB, this is correct.

But when I go to search, nothing appears!

There is no error in the logs, everything seems correct, but when searching, nothing comes out …

What can happen?

Have you tried searching for “ALL Messages” in the stream that is attached to index oepm2023?

Hi friend!

I have created a stream pointing to the index and now in the search I have two errors:

I will try to investigate why this occurs.


I have reindexed again fixing the errors but there are still no records in the search … selecting “all messages” and the index migrated :frowning:

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