Elasticsearch data copied but graylog cannot search in it


I moved Graylog to Docker. To move elasticsearch to the new server, I just copied the elasticsearch data directory to the server. Elasticsearch is able to list all the indices copied but in graylog, I am unable to search in these indices.

What should I do so that Graylog can search in these indices?

How did you configure Elasticsearch and Graylog, and what’s the cluster name used in both?

Additionally, did you recalculate the index ranges for all indices after copying them into Elasticsearch? See System / Indices / Index set / Maintenance in the Graylog web interface.

I provided graylog as cluster name and set elasticsearch_discovery_zen_ping_unicast_hosts to Elasticsearch. It is working fine just no old messages.

I could not find Maintenance in the Graylog web interface.

I’m glad that you’re 100% sure that the configuration of Graylog and Elasticsearch is correct. :thumbsup:

Click on “System” in the top menu, then on the menu item “Indices”, then select the appropriate index set, then click on “Maintenance”.